What we do?

We do things differently

We are going to provide an platform where you can learn about the upcoming block chain technologies and it's features.

How the world digitalizing in many ways and also you can earn by getting knowledge about crypto currency and block chain.

Our motive is to build a community to teach them about crypto currency, cryptography,Block chain and much more .

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  • We are going to educate people about Bitcoin, Block chain and it's benefits to the world
  • We teach people to learn and earn and make theirs dreams come true
  • Through learning about how the world is getting digitalize you can earn and help others to earn and obtain the financial freedom.
  • Our goals our to spread the concept of self employment including giving knowledge about the latest technologies of the world.
  • Technologies which are helping the world in all walks of life.
  • We will build an community and devolpe and environment of learning, earning and getting forward to achieve success.
  • Our vision is to teach as many people we can about digital technologies, crypto currency, Block chain and self employment to make their life easier better and prosperous.
  • We are going to help them to achieve their dreams,theirs goals and objectives.
Welcome to LeadzGroup

Where you can learn earn and achive your desires

Opportunities and success are not something you go after necessarily but something you attract by becoming an attractive person.

And we are providing you the real and unique platform where from you can learn aloot about block chain crypto currency and digitization and also can improve your personality by gaining knowledge l.

You also can earn more than you think through a geniun and authentic earning platform to make your dreams come true and achieve the dreams you are up to.

Now is the time to get up and grab the opportunity to make a difference

Many reasons to

Why choose LeadzGroup

commitment is a word we use often. But here, we mean it.

Nothing will work unless you do.

Affordable Pricing



  • Daily Ads 50
  • Add click AED 0.066
  • Daily Earning AED 3.333
  • Referral Earning AED 0.033
  • Min withdraw AED 50
  • Max withdraw AED 200
  • Duration 365 Days


AED 500

  • Daily Ads 50
  • Add click AED 0.4
  • Daily Earning AED 20
  • Referral Earning AED 5
  • Min withdraw AED 200
  • Max withdraw AED 500
  • Duration 180 Days


AED 1000

  • Daily Ads 50
  • Add click AED 0.8
  • Daily Earning AED 40
  • Referral Earning AED 10
  • Min withdraw AED 400
  • Max withdraw AED 800
  • Duration 180 Days


AED 2000

  • Daily Ads 50
  • Add click AED 1.6
  • Daily Earning AED 80
  • Referral Earning AED 22
  • Min withdraw AED 700
  • Max withdraw AED 1500
  • Duration 180 Days


AED 3000

  • Daily Ads 50
  • Add click AED 2.4
  • Daily Earning AED 120
  • Referral Earning AED 30
  • Min withdraw AED 900
  • Max withdraw AED 2500
  • Duration 180 Days
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